Modelling Social Complexity


The Centre was established in March 2024 with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers studying complex systems and human behaviour. Our current research themes include Human Interactions with Natural & Artificial Ecosystems, Privacy & Security in Online Environments and Designing Institutions and EnvironmentsWe run a monthly seminar series, in which we invite speakers from across the St Andrews community and beyond to give talks relating to our core themes. We welcome speakers from any background, from pure mathematicians to empirical social scientists. If you are interested in interacting with us, please get in touch.





Centre Directors






Advisory Board


Our Advisory Board is made up of a mixture of members of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, members of the wider St Andrews community, and external members. The board helps to ensure that the centre fulfils its mission to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between those working in the mathematical sciences and those working in the social sciences and humanities on questions relating to human behaviour. 





Board members


Sophie Huczynska – St Andrews, School of Mathematics and Statistics (Pure Mathematics)

Alison Johnston – St Andrews, School of Mathematics and Statistics (Statistics)

Simon Dobson – St Andrews, School of Computer Science

Brad MacKay – St Andrews, Business School (Management)

Ken Mavor – St Andrews, School of Psychology and Neuroscience

Conny Wollbrant – St Andrews, Business School (Economics)

Joshua B Plotkin – University of Pennsylvania, Department of Biology

David G Rand – MIT, Sloan School of Management

Nichola Raihani – University of Auckland, School of Psychology